What Causes Your AC to Break?

Some of the Most Common Reasons for Your AC Repair Needs

Are you wondering why your AC has suddenly stopped working? Air conditioner problems are no fun especially when it’s a hot summer and you are stuck in your home or office. In order to learn more about what causes your frequent AC repair needs, stay on this page.

Faulty Fuse or Circut Breaker
One of the most common issues with ACs is problems with the circuit breaker and fuse. They are found in the main service panel of your system. Circuit breakers are operated through on-off switches and you can try to reset them if they have tripped them. If it is a blown fuse, it should get replaced. If what you do still doesn’t have any effect, it’s time to call a licensed technician.

Not Enough Refrigerant
The thing that your AC uses in order to remove humidity and heat from the air of your home or business is called refrigerant. It gets spread out through lines that sometimes leak. When there is a leak and the refrigerant escapes, you are left with not enough of it to cool the air effectively. Simply replacing the refrigerator won’t solve your problem. You need an expert AC repair technician to find the leak and take care of it.

Frozen Coils
The evaporator coils are filled with refrigerant and their main function is to absorb the heat from the air. In order to work properly, they need a stream of hot air to circulate around them. If that’s not the case, they freeze. In the worst-case scenario, a thin layer of ice builds up around them. This makes your AC blow hot air instead of cold.

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