To Avoid Airconditioner Breakdown, Call Your Reliable Technician!

When to Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Your air conditioner plays a vital role in your home, especially during sunny days. It removes the heat and moisture from the interior part of the house and occupied space to improve the comfort of occupants. Having one in your home comes with great responsibility. You should be aware of the issues that may occur to ensure that it’s always in good condition. If you are experiencing some of the following, make sure to call a professional air conditioning repair service:

If Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water.
If you notice that your AC system is leaking water, you should call your trusted AC repair company right away. Leaking water could cause damage to your home. Normally, AC creates condensation, similar to when you get a cold glass outside on a hot day. This condensation will drip into a pan and drains away. However, if the pan is clogged or if the drain line is clogged, it could cause the condensation to overflow.

If Your Air Conditioner Does Not Produce Enough Cool Air.
If you turn on your air conditioner, but it’s not able to keep keep your home cool enough, you should call your service provider. This kind of issue will not resolve itself and could be caused by a serious problem. It could be that your thermostats are bad. It could also mean that your compressor is broken.

If Your Air Conditioner Is Making a Strange Noise.
Another common air conditioner sign that you need an air conditioning repair service is a new or unusual noise. If you turn on your AC and it makes a squealing, hissing, or gurgling noise, make sure to call your AC technician. Squealing is usually caused by a bad fan motor belt that needs to be replaced. Hissing is caused by a refrigerant leak somewhere. And gurgling signifies low levels of refrigerant.

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