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Affordable AC Repair Service

Installation is just the starting point. Air Supply Inc  is also capable to provide recommendations and guidelines for the most economical and effective layout for your air conditioning, in writing,  on the spot.   We also provide and air duct cleaning for Las Vegas area.

AC repairs also make a  part of  the service we proffer to our clients. This is not surprising considering how important AC units are in maintaining the quality of life in Las Vegas.   Air conditioning is required around the clock at home as well as at the office. That is why we at Air Supply Inc   maintain a ready response team here in Las Vegas every day  immediately  resolve any breakdown you experience,  which we know typically happens  at the most inconvenient time.

AC service provided by the top rated company in Las Vegas, NV

When your air conditioning unit  lets you down and you want a refreshing sleep tonight,  a fast call to Air Supply Inc  of Las Vegas will immediately respond and have you up and running in the shortest  time.  We are proud to proffer same day air conditioning service for the entire city of  Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Temperatures

We live in Las Vegas, where temperatures can get very high and the electric bills can go up to terrific sums. If that is your case, you probably have a malfunctioning AC unit that draws the most power and adds to your bill. Make sure that the temperature in your property is comfortable enough and if something is wrong give us a call. Our effective heating contractor will do the repair as fast as he can.

When it comes to  AC repair and air conditioning service, be it a residential or a commercial one, picking the right parts and tools to do the procedure itself, is the most important bit. It all comes to troubleshooting the problem quickly and correctly. This is where a seasoned veteran of AC repair experience really shines.

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Air Supply is proud to be the highest rated and reviewed Hvac company in the Las Vegas, NV. Read recent reviews from some of our satisfied customers

You will be glad you called (702) 204-4598 as soon as we begin mending your unit.

Air Supply Inc serves all its customers with the same level of professionalism as if the house of the very president had an AC emergency.  We are certified heater repair in Las Vegas.

While you are relaxing or minding other more important matters, Air Supply Inc  will be performing what needs to be done. Our select crew of specialists have all passed certification and training in flying colors. Air Supply Inc  carries the largest network of air conditioning repair specialists you can find in Las Vegas. Air Supply Inc’s secret to success is the extensive preparation and planning  of each and every project we manage. Whether you are facing a malfunctioning issue with your heater, air conditioner,  or cooling system or installing a newly bought commercial or residential  air conditioner, we at Air Supply Inc  will be more than happy to serve you until the completion of your needs. There is no project that is too large or too difficult for us.


Our Prices

Our prices are affordable and market-competitive. Our fast and accurate delivery of AC repair services gives us the reputation of well established company in Las Vegas. We make sure our lines of communication with clients in Las Vegas  are always open and reinforced by our dedicated customer support agents.

AC units play a key role for different environments including offices and households. These machines help regulate temperature and maintain a balance  and a stable climate within the area it is installed in. Sooner or later, you are bound to encounter problems with your air conditioning or heating unit. If you need air conditioning repair services in Las Vegas, Air Supply Inc is happy to serve you. Air Supply Inc  is an elite air conditioning contractor operating within Las Vegas. For many years, Air Supply Inc  has been delivering affordable, efficient, and long-lasting results with our top-end services. No local AC service contractor comes close to our reputation or service offerings. And over the span of time, we have been able to entrench and establish ourselves as the authority brand for HVAC services in Las Vegas.

Need someone to install a furnace  or a boiler system for your commercial or industrial facility?  If you need an AC repair specialist in Las Vegas, we are the company to call. Air Supply Inc  is a leading brand for air conditioning repair services. We carry many years of experience plus an impeccable track record that is impossible to match or surpass. If your demands are great when it comes to HVAC systems, then Air Supply Inc  should be on top of your list of considerations.

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