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With the winter season on its way, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some of the most common heating systems that can be found in a conventional house. This will help you choose the most suitable heating system for your home, and if you have one already, then I strongly suggest you call for a heating repair service just to make sure everything works fine before the cold season starts.

Floor heating system installation.Furnace

Furnaces can be fueled with gas, electricity, oil or even coal and wood. The furnace heats the air inside a special chamber. The warmed air will be delivered through a pipework system into the house. A blower is used to recirculate the warmed air, then the process is repeated. The home’s temperature is controlled by a thermostat, usually positioned on the wall. This type of heating system is highly efficient, but it also involves higher costs.

Electric heat pump

Heat pumps extract the warmth from outdoor air, from the ground or from surface water. If necessary, the air will be warmed more by the system, then delivered into the house. It is a new, innovative and environmental friendly heating system, but it requires heating repair services more often than conventional furnaces.

Radiant baseboard heater

This heating system is mostly used as a home’s sole source of heat, or for supplemental heat in cooler rooms. It looks like a long, metal unit with electrical elements inside. Each elements heating coefficient can be adjusted but will not show the rooms temperature. The system breaks often, so heating repair service is required. If situated in Las Vegas, NV area, Air Supply Inc will offer you assistance in solving any heating problems.

Radiant ceiling or floor heater

The radiant elements are installed in the ceiling or floors. No blowers are used. The system warms objects much the same way as the sun does. You will find thermostats in each room so you can set a different temperature for each room.

Before purchasing any of the heating systems mentioned above, make sure you have a reliable and experienced heating repair company in the area. Air Supply Inc has been active in Las Vegas, NV since 1977 and it has gained a strong reputation. Don’t hesitate to contact them at (702) 204-4598 for any heating repair service you might need.