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Additional Information About Our Heating Replacement Service in Las Vegas, NV

Air Supply Inc is a reputable HVAC company in Las Vegas, NV. Browse this website to learn more about our other services. On this page, you will find detailed information about our heating replacementservice. This simply means that if there’s some kind of problem with your unit, our professional company will do anything possible to repair it and replace it if necessary.

Which Type is Your Heater?

Before going into details about heating replacement, you should know to which of the four different types your heater belongs. Check out the list below:

  • Furnace – This unit works like a forced central AC system but will heat the air instead of cooling it using coils. A furnace can run on gas or electricity. The way it pushes air into the rooms is using an existing ductwork and a fan.

  • Heat Pump – This is pretty common for the Las Vegas, NV area heating system as the temperatures here rarely drop. There are two styles of heat pumps – the common pump that is attached outside of your wall or the geothermal pump which is installed in the ground and uses heat from the earth.

  • Packaged Unit – Even more common systems in the area. These units can efficiently cool and heat your home and are installed on the outside of your house.

  • Boiler – Boilers are using heat that usually comes out through radiant heat or floor pipes. Many boilers are using steam or heated water to warm the air.

Why Choose Us?

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Whenever you’re experiencing problems with your heating units, Air Supply Inc is the company that will come and repair your system. If the issue is more advanced, you can benefit from ourheating replacement service. Call us now at (702) 509-7832 and schedule your appointments now!