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Things That You Need to Avoid Doing When Looking for a Trustworthy Air Conditioning Service Provider


The topic we will discuss today will be interesting mainly for those of you who have never booked an HVAC repair or maintenance service and do not know what they need to do in order to avoid scams and frauds.


Here are 5 common mistakes that people do when booking a heating or air conditioning service:  


  1. They do not ask for license information. Remember – a contractor that is not licensed is probably a freelancer who did not undertake any technical training and has no diploma or certificate for being qualified to perform such hazardous service. Furthermore, if a contractor is not licensed, he won’t be able to provide you with a guarantee for his labor or a warranty for the repair/replacement materials ordered and used.

  2. They do not ask for insurance information. HVAC repairs can be dangerous. If an uninsured contractor gets injured while working on your property, you may be held liable for his injuries and his poor physical condition. If you do not want to end up paying compensations, then work only with insured companies.

  3. They do not mention the negotiated price in the service contract. Before locking a service agreement with a contract, make sure that the final price is included there. Many companies do not charge per job but per hour which is kind of tricky because the technicians can always spend more time “fixing”the unit and charge you for an extra hour of work.

  4. They do not require a receipt. Even if the service is guaranteed, if you do not save your receipt to prove the services of which company you have used, you won’t be able to request another heating or air conditioning service for free.

  5. They book a service during the weekend. These are the days when HVAC technicians are very busy, so it is very unlikely for a homeowner to get a good price deal for these days. A weekday service will be much easier on your pocketbook.


For more tips or to book a quality service in Las Vegas, NV, you can consult the HVAC contractor Air Supply Inc at (702) 509-7832! We will be more than happy to help you solve all of your problems within time and on budget!