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Professional air duct cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Whether you need a routine cleaning /checkup, are looking to replace or repair old equipment, or have a desperate emergency, Air Supply Inc is here for you! Air Supply Inc is company with years of  air conditioning and heating expertise, servicing the entire Las Vegas. Our emergency services are available anytime, day or night, and our estimates are always free! We proffer seasonal air duct cleaning for residential or commercial clients.

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Air duct before and after cleaningWith the cold weather coming and going in the Las Vegas it is even more crucial to make sure that your water heaters furnace, and plumbing pipes are running correctly. Regular tune-ups for your HVAC appliances and plumbing fixtures is important to maintain the life and quality. Brand new equipment can be costly and may not fit into your current budget. Please call Air Supply Inc if you have any questions. We are always running specials on tune-ups and additional AC repair services.

Our modern vacuum system is powered by a 1.5 HP blower that delivers 1800 CFM of suction. This means that once the pollutants are broken loose, this vacuum will remove and trap everything. The filtration in our vacuum system is a 3 stage with HEPA. 1st stage is a prefilter. 2nd stage is a MERV 11 pleated bag filter and our 3rd stage is a 99.97% HEPA filter. The combination of these 3 filters will ensure that all harmful pollutant  are trapped and nothing but clean, fresh air is circulated back. Our power brush system enables us to properly clean your duct system. Air conditioning vents can be found in multiple sizes, shapes,  and material. Having the right equipment to do air duct cleaning in a highly professional manner is crucial to having the job done right.

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